Technology and latest trends through the eyes of FGMNT.

Anyone Feel Like Shooting Virtual Reality Zombies & Beer?

As you’ll hear me tell you over and over again, Virtual and Augmented Reality are one of the most talked about and exciting technologies today. […]

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The Grossery Game

When FGMNT won the opportunity to partner with Moose Toys we were excited to create a unique gaming experience for their Grossery Gang line. Like Moose being innovative with toys, FGMNT is just as innovative with techno […]

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A Fun VR Construction Tool (prototype)

In early 2016 I spent some time prototyping a simple Virtual Reality construction environment. […]

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Creating useful and engaging AR & VR

It’s no secret that around the world, we’re in a period of rapid growth when it comes to AR and VR. […]

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The difference between AR & VR

It’s a common question with a simple answer. What is the difference between AR and VR? […]

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