OK, so it’s time to begin a conversation about one of our favourite topics… beer… and whisky, and maybe a negroni or two and sometimes a little wine.
Yes these are some of our favourite imbibements (I think I just made that word up), and this social blog will gradually be filled with reams and reams of our best bar finds and the most stunning craft beer tastings, but really what this boils down to is more about getting away from the studio, taking time out from our excessively busy days, sharing time with friends, enjoying the summer sun, and (in our case) basking in some of Melbourne’s famous culture.
I personally live near a northern Melbourne beer and whisky bar called Carwyn Cellars. It’s an unassuming little place in Northcote, which, like all great Melbourne bars, you’d miss if you walked past the front door. The street frontage is a little bottle shop which sells some rather exclusive, extravagant and honestly bombastic looking beers, the labels of which are more like bonafide artworks than anything else.
Having scoped out the selection gracing the shelves, I recently decided I am to begin a personal tradition of buying a single bottle of such beer each month to widen my currently ‘Melbourne’ blinkered knowledge of what can be crafted with the simple ingredients of water, hops, barley and yeast. I will choose said beverage by absolutely judging a book by its cover. The more flamboyant the artwork the better. Vikings, skull and crossbones, snarling rottweilers, tattooed buxom women, if the label bears it I’m buying it and then reporting on the results.
So, how about we stop talking about it and get started. First up is:
Heretic ‘Evil Cousin’ – A Hoppy Double IPA.
The label is entertaining. Not as extravagant as some on the shelf, but I wasn’t feeling as adventurous as I might have wanted today. Still, not your normal label, and I like the general thrust. Although, way too many acronyms and bits and pieces down the bottom spoiling the ambience. I assume that’s something to do with legal requirement in the United States.
Straight from Fairfield California and at 8% alcohol volume, I was expecting a much more bitey beverage, but am really very happy with the mildly nuanced taste. Plenty of hops, as stated on the bottle and I wouldn’t necessarily be drinking more than 1 in a sitting, but very much enjoying the rich/roasted/sweet combination going on in the mouth. Lovely beverage to be kicking off the first of many social posts.
Carwyn Cellars can be found at – carwyncellars.com.au
Heretic can be found here – hereticbrewing.com/beers

By Nick Wright

CEO and Resident Beer Nerd