Grossery Game

When FGMNT won the opportunity to partner with Moose Toys we were excited to create a unique gaming experience for their Grossery Gang line. Like Moose being innovative with toys, FGMNT is just as innovative with technology. Introducing the Grossery Game.

Moose is an Australian, family owned toy company known globally for their outstanding innovation in the industry. Lately, their growth has been rapid, largely due to the success of Shopkins, a series of collectable anthropomorphic characters based on groceries. Leveraging off this success, Moose has launched a grosser, more disgusting range of collectables, The Grossery Gang

grossery game - moose toys - fgmnt.

Our job at FGMNT was to not just create a regular app for Grossery Gang but to create an innovative game for kids. This is why we created one of the first kids apps to incorporate Augmented Reality into its gameplay.

The Grossery Game consists of 3D minigames featuring the Grossery Gang characters. From squashing maggots in ‘Maggot Mash’ to popping gas bubbles with a slingshot in ‘Goo Shoot’ – these games are guaranteed fun.

An exciting addition to the mini games is ‘Cruddy Crunch’ which is an augmented reality game allowing kids to interact with the Grossery Gang characters in their real world. Kids get to see their favourite characters come to life in any location – the bedroom, the playground or even on the kitchen table.

grossery game - moose toys - fgmnt.

Cruddy Crunch: Our Augmented Reality Game

grossery game - moose toys - fgmnt.

Trash Box: A place to create your own scenes with your digital collection

grossery game - moose toys - fgmnt.

Maggot Mash: Squash maggot and flies in this Grosstastic Game.

We decided to ease in with the AR game, only making it one mini game, so that kids can adjust to the new technology. But as we know, kids adapt extremely fast to new technology. For this game we used a marker for tracking (using the existing packaging or a print out) however for future games, we are excited to be moving towards markerless tracking which will make the experience even more accessible and interactive.

FGMNT looks forward to creating and developing more experiences that push the boundaries of Augmented Reality and provide new ways for kids to bring their toys to life. Watch this space.

To check out the Grossery Game visit the official game website https://apps.grosserygang.com/