Growing up in a large Lebanese family, sharing food has always been an important part of growing up to me. It’s more than a time to eat – it’s a time to laugh, yell, cry, talk about your day/week and steal your brother’s last chip (or in our case, the last dollop of hummus). Still, to this day, it is how my family bonds, every occasion is centred around the meal. This is something I want to imbue in my workplace, FGMNT.

At FGMNT we have our own ‘family’ lunch once a month where we brainstorm ideas, ask questions, provide feedback and generally bond as a team, while catching up and sharing a laugh.

And when I say family lunch, I take that shit very seriously – last week’s menu was slow cooked Ragu with lamb Osso Bucco, pork ribs, beef and pork mince, homemade garlic bread and of course, a glass of beer or wine.

These lunches provide us with an opportunity to really get to know everyone. As a new company with a new team, we can get caught up with the day to day of building a business, that sometimes we forget to touch base with the people who make the company what it is. These lunches allow everyone to be involved in helping to shape our business.

If you play your cards right who knows, you may get an invite one day.

Jamie Daou