Working for a Virtual and Augmented Reality startup is an experience everyone should go through in their working life. To start with a company from the very beginning and be part of its potential growth is simultaneously a rewarding, challenging and exciting experience. In the startup environment, every challenge is a learning opportunity good or bad as it allows you to learn skills that you would not necessarily encounter in a conventional job.

When I joined FGMNT I was given a blank slate, my first day of the job was the first day we moved into our warehouse. It was not an office when we moved in, so as office manager my first task was to make it one. On top of first-day nerves and a pending cold I had to switch on straight away, I was assembling IKEA desks, dealing with a clogged toilet, setting up the launch party, ordering toasters, making sure bills were paid – I hit the ground running.

As well as setting up the office, I am also responsible for shaping the culture of the business. For me, culture is a very important aspect of any business. It can be difficult and sometimes impossible to change the culture of an existing organisation which is why it’s a great opportunity when being there from the start so you can help shape the initial culture and attitude of the company. This means getting to know the team, organising social events and setting the general mood of the office (which includes the important job of picking the music playlist).

This opportunity has also allowed me to grow with the business. I started as the office manager and within 3 months my responsibility extended to helping with sales and marketing over various projects (and an area I am keen to pursue). Who knows where I will be in the next 3 months?!

Watching the process of a startup forming, and evolving is fascinating. When you’re working in a startup, you get the opportunity to observe and be a part of a variety of aspects of the business. You want the best for the company and you are invested in seeing it succeed. Every win and achievement is a personal win for yourself which I hope to experience more in the future.

By Liz Indrans.
Liz is FGMNT’s general all rounder. As well as managing the office she is assisting with the sales and marketing for the company and excited to see it grow.