Virtual Reality Zombies

As you’ll hear me tell you over and over again, Virtual and Augmented Reality are one of the most talked about and exciting technologies today. Read on to find out more about how you can enjoy a nice cold beer with us.. and how you can kill some Virtual Reality Zombies 😉

Every day at FGMNT we are approached by potential clients from every industry that are wanting to understand how it can transform their business. What I’ve noticed with most people that have approached us is that most have never really experienced VR or AR.

Yes, they have used their neighbours Google cardboard, or they have tried the GearVR at a conference but they’ve never REALLY explored the potential of this platform. Once we show them the full potential and allow them to be fully immersed, that’s when we can then begin to start the real conversation.

This gave us the idea to host a fortnightly event where anyone can come to the FGMNT office and have a beer while playing some VR or AR. Maybe take a tour of an apartment while looking over Melbourne, shoot some Virtual Reality Zombies or even create your own sculpture in 3D space.

So every second Friday from 4 pm we’re going to open up our office to you starting 10th February.

Please contact liz@fgmnt.tech and let us know when you’ll be there.

No pressure.